Everything project I do, I like to make small changes in order to make it mine (you should see my WRX! :D). Make it just a little different, in order to experiment and test my knowledge and skills. This page is a list of those ideas and the notes and references I have.

Deployable Landing/Taxi Lights

Lights that would drop down from the wing or possibly be built into an access panel. They would be hinged in the back, so (on a tail dragger) during landing they would point horizontally.

They would provide negligible drag in flight, and upon deploying add a small amount of drag. These may be more useful for taxi lights rather than landing, as landing lights would have larger forward surface area and volume. This way I could have the biggest and brightest landing lights in the wings.

VansAirForce 35607

Extended Baggage Compartment

A small (6″x12″) opening in the back of the baggage compartment that would run aft maybe 4-5 feet. A door or net on the front to secure the contents and ensure they don’t slide forwards.

The goal is to provide enough space for golf clubs, hiking poles, rockets, or other long light objects that won’t fit in the baggage compartment. A doubler would be needed on the opening. The extended compartment could be as simple as netting or ripstop polyester, but would be better if it was thin aluminum or fiberglass.

VansAirForce 10161
VansAirForce 31401
VansAirForce 29285

Supertracks Canopy Extension

Extended canopy slide rails that allow the the canopy to slide farther back.

A pretty common mod that allows significant access improvement to the baggage area.

Supertracks website

Rotating Beacon

Fairing the beacon into the top of the vertical stabilizer. The front would be a clear layer epoxy or polycarb. Opaque would look cooler, but would probably not be bright enough to legally qualify as anti-collision.

“Pressurized” Cabin

Rather than controlling the volume of the air coming in, I want to control the volume of the air going out. Rather than having separate hot and cold inlets, I would have one inlet that I could select between pulling the hot or cold air in. I’d then control the outflow with a cowl flap.

This idea needs more research. A pro-con list.

Engine Cooling

Cowl flap and/or oil cooler shutter. Preferably these would be servo controlled for automating.