Work Location: Empennage

  • First actual build day!

    After a early and long day at work, it felt good to come back home and relax a bit. I had been looking at the plans and drawings for a while, reading through trying to figure out exactly how I wanted to go about it. Eventually you have to jump in. No matter how much…

  • Empennage Inventory

    Empennage Inventory

    Took one of my days off to do inventory and get familiar with the empennage parts and plans. All that I was missing was one stop-nut, AN365-1032. This took me hours.

  • Final Payments of Empennage and Wings

    It’s finally here! The empennage is in the crating process and the wings are set to follow next week. I made my final payments to Van’s and the kits should ship mid-May. I’m planning on moving out of my small apartment and either renting a house with a garage or a hanger at the airport.…

  • Empennage and Wing Kit

    My first real order! I initially put 25% down, and will pay the remaining 75% when it ships. The expected lead time is 7 months.