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It all starts with a website! The website serves a few purposes. 1. Keep records of all my time spent for proof to the FAA I built more than 50%. 2. Make my work, efforts, experiences and opinions available for others. 3. As a place to keep all my ideas and plans.

I started out building the website from scratch, since sometimes it’s just easier to write things myself that try to learn someone else’s code. Well, after about 40 hours I had a decent template and it looked good. But the more I wrote and posted the more I didn’t like the expandability of it. It was hard to make additions and changes. I broke down and started playing with wordpress, trying styles, plugins, writing some code… Now I’ve got two plugins wrote and I think it’s getting there. One plugin is the post that logs purchase records, and the other reads the post meta data and does some math with it (displaying total time and money on the front page).

Time Spent on Website: 195 hours

Just out of curiosity, I’ll be tracking how long I spend on actual development and maintenance on the website. This does not include time researching RV relating things. Small specific issues I’ll probably create a separate post.
2020: 150 hours
2021: 40 hours.


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