Garage Workshop

After moving out of the apartment and into the house, most of my things got put into the garage and basement. So I’ve been spending a fair amount of time organizing and rearranging. After finishing the workbench I finally had time to move into the garage and get to work putting in shelving and unpacking tools.

After not riveting for around a year, I realized how much I lost the “touch.” I got some scrap aluminum from one of the local EAA guys who scratch built a Zenith 750, and went to town. A hundred rivets or so and I’m comfortable again.

I made a pretty simple downdraft paint system. It’s 60″ wide and 32″ deep, and vents out the garage if I crack it about a foot. I also put a 20″x20″ box fan in the window on the other side of the garage blowing in, hopefully helping to encourage some of the fumes out through the table. Since I’ve never primed before, or used an air gun for that matter, this is my next practice area. See the page To prime or not to prime. That is the question. for more details on my process.






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