First Batch of Primer

Here in Cedar Rapids we have probably six Sherwin Williams stores in the area. Four household stores, one automotive, and one commercial. I started out looking for the P60G2 at the automotive branch. I gave her the name and explained what it was and the gal gave me a look like I was crazy and said they don’t carry it. I then drove over to the commercial branch, gave them the name and what it was and they also said they didn’t carry it. Frustrated I went on with my errands.

The next day I made a few phone calls to some of the other stores in the area. At one I got this really helpful gal, she looked and said if I special ordered it they would have it there in 3 days. Nice! But she also said the commercial store should carry it. I told her I had already visited them and they said they didn’t carry it. She was surprised but thought that they must be confused, so she said I should call back and request to special order it from them since as a commercial store they will get priority to the industrial products over the household stores.

Another phone call was made, this time to that same commercial store that I already visited. I requested to special order it and… They have it in stock! What the heck! Ok, I tell him I’ll be there in 15 minutes. I arrive and get to the front, tell them what I need, and how am I not surprised, “We don’t carry that.” Well yes you do! The two employees walk to the back and sure enough, they do! 1 gallon of P60G2, 2 gallons R7K44 arrive in hand. They stated that they didn’t recognize it by the name, they just know it as “industrial wash primer for aluminum.” *Facepalm* I had said that the first time I was here…

Welp that’s part experimental aircraft building, sourcing products..


Date Ordered:
Date Received:
Shipping Cost:


P60G2 Wash Primer – Gallon0106.1901
R7K44 – Gallon067.5902
Medium Mesh Strainers10.75050
15% discount on bulk mesh strainers1-5.6301






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