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I originally purchased only the tools to do the practice kit. But since I’ve decided to build, there are many more tools needed. Van’s has a list of tools needed for the practice kits and for building here.
I found someone on (VAF) selling a set of tools they had purchased, most of which were from the Isham tool kit. They were asking $1000 for the set, which I thought was very reasonable! I tried to calculate the actual value of the tools based on what I had seen them sell on VAF, my guess was around $1500. The Isham tool set new is about $2000. Here’s the pictures he had post of the tools.

His profile said they were in Kansas, only a 5 hour drive. After communicating with the seller I found out he had moved to California. I estimated shipping would be around $100, so I offered $1100 if he paid shipping. By this time, a few people had replied to his thread expressing their interest in purchasing.
Thankfully he accepted my offer! With a purchase of this amount, I wanted to use PayPal for their buyer protection service. I ended up sending him $1150.

Since I still want to maintain an accurate list of tools and money I’ve spent, I’ve listed the tools individually with their estimated used price. Many of the tools were new in package or unused, for these I’m using what the value would be to sell rather than the retail value since I didn’t buy from a store. If I could find the retail price, I’ve added to the name.

This top item, “adjustment”, that is used to correct the total estimated value with what I actually spent.


Date Ordered:
Date Received:
Shipping Cost:


Isham Pneumatic Rivet Squeezer w/ 3" yoke1400.0001
Isham 3x Rivet Gun1100.0001
US Aerospace Tools 3x Rivet Gun TP83 $1491100.0001
Isham Blue Air Drill140.0001
US Aerospace Tools Air Drill 7387P-4500 $7101300.0001
Sears Craftsman Air Drill 756.18928120.0001
Central Pneumatic Air Die Grinder 53177$12110.0001
Avery Tools 90 Degree Angle Drill Kit 9885 $1921150.0001
TATCO Hand Rivet Squeezer THS-15 $1871150.0001
TATCO Squeezer Yoke THY-30 $106175.0001
12" Curved tooth file $30120.0001
Rivet Cutter $57125.0001
Blind Rivet Puller $25120.0001
Deburring Tools110.0001
Clecos - Assortment11.00025
Drill Bits - Assortment11.00025
C Frame1100.0001
Aviation Snips $35120.0001
Tungsten Bucking Bar $1401100.0001
Other Bucking Bars110.0002
Various Vise-Grip Tools110.0003
Dimple Dies and Squeezer Sets150.0003


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