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  • Moving and Building a Workbench

    Moving and Building a Workbench

    After finishing the inventory of the wing kit I started bringing things from the apartment to the house I was starting to rent. Most of the parts are pretty small and easy to transport, but obviously the spars and longerons are a bit long. What better way to transport them than on top of the…

  • Site Bug Fixes

    I was having problems with displaying single and double quote marks in the purchase-order plugin. Two double espressos over ice, and saved these differently in the database and that resolved it.

  • Small additions

    I needed some small stuff, part of it for aircraft building and part of it for electronics work which eventually will be aircraft tools!

  • This Website

    Development It all starts with a website! The website serves a few purposes. 1. Keep records of all my time spent for proof to the FAA I built more than 50%. 2. Make my work, efforts, experiences and opinions available for others. 3. As a place to keep all my ideas and plans. I started…