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  • The Big Move to California

    Some Background As some may know, I’m an Air Traffic Controller for the Gov. My first assignment was the tower/TRACON at Cedar Rapids, IA. After a few years I decided I was ready for something larger and more challenging. The transfer process is, well… a bit complicated. The short version is the facility you’re at…

  • First actual build day!

    After a early and long day at work, it felt good to come back home and relax a bit. I had been looking at the plans and drawings for a while, reading through trying to figure out exactly how I wanted to go about it. Eventually you have to jump in. No matter how much…

  • Moving and Building a Workbench

    Moving and Building a Workbench

    After finishing the inventory of the wing kit I started bringing things from the apartment to the house I was starting to rent. Most of the parts are pretty small and easy to transport, but obviously the spars and longerons are a bit long. What better way to transport them than on top of the…

  • Wing Inventory

    Wing Inventory

    Well I knew this would be a process! 8 pages of parts to go through. Of course it was delivered about two weeks before I moved from an apartment to a house. I managed to get it all inventoried and it only took me about 6 hours. Though to be fair that was wrapping the…

  • Empennage Inventory

    Empennage Inventory

    Took one of my days off to do inventory and get familiar with the empennage parts and plans. All that I was missing was one stop-nut, AN365-1032. This took me hours.

  • Site Bug Fixes

    I was having problems with displaying single and double quote marks in the purchase-order plugin. Two double espressos over ice, and saved these differently in the database and that resolved it.

  • Practice Kit #4 – Control Surface

    So far my riveting has gotten much better. I thought it was about time to try some of the more unique stuff, like back riveting, drilling countersinks, trailing edges, rolling and leading edges. One of my problems is I enjoy working too much, so I just breeze through it. This kit really forced me to…

  • Practice Kit #3 – Lightbox

    Practice Kit #3 – Lightbox

    For practice kit #3 I decided to switch it up from the toolbox and go to the Van’s Lightbox. I did this for a few reasons. First, it’s something I can display and look at to keep me motivated. Second, it uses different rivets and different techniques so more practice! Finally, it was something different.…

  • Second Practice Toolbox

    Second Practice Toolbox

    Practice Practice Practice! This one definitely went better. I didn’t paint or prime this one because I wanted to see how it would fair carrying tools compared to the previous toolbox. Overall it turned out pretty good! Definitely still need more practice. I’m feeling much more comfortable with the rivet gun and knowing where the…

  • First Practice Toolbox!

    First Practice Toolbox!

    After ordering all the tools and having them shipped to my parents, I dug my air compressor out of storage and waited for my shipments of tools over the next two days. Once my tools arrived I unboxed them and started fiddling with them. I had previously watched some youtube videos to learn about the…